Ismaili Unit established at Bendale Acres long term care home, Toronto

Ismaili Unit established at Bendale Acres long term care home, Toronto_image.pngBendale Acres is a 302-bed, long-term care home that strives to promote individualized care that respects, supports and enables people to be as independent as possible within an environment that respects the dignity, self-esteem and rights of residents and clients. We respect residents’ honouring of community, family, cultural and faith traditions and recognize the value this diversity brings to our home.

Ismaili Unit

Bendale Acres is home to the Ismaili unit (approximately 17 beds). Residents are supported by volunteers from the Ismaili community, allowing them to continue their connections with their cultural community. Residents also have culturally-appropriate menu choices at meal time.


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2 thoughts

  1. Well Done, one of the places so much needed for seniors, to live in dignity, proper care of which Canada needs
    so much more including hospitals, more doctors, nurses, specialists, with so many refugees coming into Vancouver as well, but hospitals are full, appointment times are 6-8 months waiting periods etcc. Praying you will continue to build more of all these that are needed very much.


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