Roshan Ghaziani: ‘Fighting Stereotypes: Winner of Mary I. Hill Award, Illinois Department on Aging’

The Aga Khan IV made addressing ‘care of the aged’ a key concern, “Life span is elongating, but at the same time working life is shortening. Family bonds are being loosened and sometimes even broken by the forces of modern life. The result is that many older (Ismailis) are facing unhappy and often, lonely years ahead. We must find ways to address this problem. We will try to help the aged live an honorable life.”1

The U.S. has touched a new landmark – a population of over 50 million seniors for the first time in the history,2 and “By 2040, additional millennials will be caring for the elderly than for the next generation of children. One in ten of those people will be abused—emotionally, physically, or both—and for 90 percent of those abused, it will be at the hands of their own family and caretakers, according to the National Council on Aging.”3

But much of the research undermines the cultural stereotyping of care workers and lack of understanding among families, to fully recognize the role of Homecare Aide that is not only to enable patients to stay in their homes by monitoring and recording patient condition but also to offer empathy, compassion and understanding when their loved ones are far away.

Roshan Ghaziani: ‘Fighting Stereotypes: Winner of Mary I. Hill Award, Illinois Department on Aging’Roshan Ghaziani 63, the voluntary activist for the last 16 years, encouraging discussions among families to care for their elderly and raising voice against the cultural stereotyping of Homecare Aide. Roshan Ghaziani is also a winner of the Mary I. Hill Award, given by Illinois Department on Aging (IDA) & the Illinois Association of Community Care Program Homecare Providers (IACCPHP), that was created to acknowledge the significant role Homecare Aide hold in the success of the Community Care Program.






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One thought

  1. Congratulations Roshan. This is a subject that needed to be surveyed long ago and am delighted you looked
    into it and congratulations for winning the award which is well deserved. Keep it up and find more ways as to
    how to care for the more aged coming in future years by family members, etcc..


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