Podcast: Karim Kanji chats with Salim Naran, Co-founder & CTO, Borrowell

Podcast: Karim Kanji chats with Salim Naran, Co-founder & CTO, Borrowellhttp://karimkanji.com/salim-naran

Salim is Co-founder & CTO of Borrowell, an innovative marketplace lending platform. Borrowell is using technology to bring fast, fair and friendly lending options to responsible Canadians who are looking to refinance their high-cost debt.

Previously, Salim held the position of SVP of Information Technology at Paradigm Quest. Paradigm Quest is a business process outsourcing company in the Canadian mortgage industry. At Paradigm Salim was responsible for leading and building their loan servicing and underwriting platform.

Prior to Paradigm, Salim was the Director of IT and the Chief Privacy Officer at Securitas Canada. Securitas is one of Canada’s largest security services provider with 7,000 employees in 24 offices across Canada, and 320,000 employees globally. Previously, he also held the position of Manager of IT at Synergy Asset Management. Synergy is one of only three Canadian mutual fund companies to reach one billion dollars of assets under management in less than three years.

Salim holds a BScH in Computer Science from Queen’s University and a BA in Mathematics from Queen’s University.


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