Memories of Ismaili Brownies and Girl Guides, Nairobi, by Minaz Asani-Kanji

Memories of Ismaili Brownies and Girl Guides, Nairobi, by Minaz Asani-KanjiWe started every brownie meeting, standing at attention in a circle with two fingers raised reciting the Promise and the Law. We were a part of the Nairobi Ismaili Brownie troop. Our meetings were on Saturday afternoons on the Aga Khan Primary School field. We were little brownies in our brown uniforms, belts and yellow scarves held together by woggles, with our bird group on the above the right pocket, our wings above the left pocket, and our badges adorning the right sleeve.

Mrs. Noorani was the leader of the Ismaili Girl Guides. She was also our religion teacher primary school. Our wise owls or leaders were Anar and Rozina and two others I can’t remember.

The Kenya Girl Guides Association’s headquarters is at the Arboretum in Nairobi. We went to buy uniforms and supplies. I remember this big old wooden building whose musty smell was so distinct that I can smell it to this day.

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  1. So satisfying to know the Brownie’s and Girl Guides still going on. I studied at Aga Khan Primary in the 60’s and
    was a Girl Guide myself. This brought back many memories. Keep it up.


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