‘Aesthetic approach of Islam is the way forward’ – Professor Ali Asani of Harvard at Habib University, Pakistan

KARACHI: In an attempt to deconstruct negative stereotypes about Islam that are rampant in popular discourse, there is an urgent need to understand and propagate it from an aesthetic approach, said Harvard scholar Prof Ali Asani during his talk at Habib University on Friday.

While highlighting the importance of religious and cultural literacy in a cosmopolitan world, Prof Asani gave a nuanced perspective to the differences that set us apart, which have resulted in polarisations and created conflicts.

According to him, fundamentalist groups have become the dominant, polarised understanding of Islam through the lens of terrorism. Prof Asani, however, presented a unique perspective on these intolerant entities. “Groups such as IS and the Taliban are a modern phenomenon and are a by-product of modernity. These show that the evolution of traditions in a certain direction have been caused by global dynamics. There are no historical precedents for these kinds of evolutions. This shows that traditions are evolving and are not static.”

More at the source: ‘Aesthetic approach of Islam is the way forward’ – Pakistan – DAWN.COM


Habib University of Liberal Arts and Science


Ali Asani at Ismailimail


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