Sitare Productions Presents: Til Bhar Tulana by Samira Noorali ft. Nida Moledina, Saif Sattani, Kanwal Sumnani

Composer Samira Noorali brings you “Til Bhar Tulana,” the third release from the Impressions of Devotion album. Til Bhar Tulana is a powerful and ruminative devotional tune that is attributed to Pir Sadardeen. This rendition brings out Noorali’s passion for classical and world fusion sounds. These are sounds that resonate deep in the soul, and offer opportunities for spiritual reflection.

Til Bhar Tulana” is a Ginan from the Ismaili Muslim tradition and brings together Eastern and Western classical genres. Borrowing from Raag Kalingda, Til Bhar Tulana is solemn as it encourages listeners to  reflect upon doomsday. While singing along with the Gujurati text, you will also hear elements of Jules Massenet’s, Elegie.

In this particular track, produced by Mike Raznick and mixed and mastered by Everett Young, you will hear the voices of a national vocal ensemble consisting of Samira Noorali, Nida Moledina, Saif Sattani, and Kanwal Sumnani.

On Double Bass is Bart Samolis from Palm Springs whose work you have heard on a number of tracks for popular, contemporary artists, and on Violin, the talented Shalini Vijayan of the Lyris Quartet, one of the Los Angeles Times most beloved ensembles.

On guitar, Mike offered up his own instrumental talents. He has built a beautiful career playing and composing for many TV, video game and film soundtracks.

Various aspects of the piano performance in this recording were delivered by either or both, Samira and Mike. The exciting tabla part was played by Razak Pirani from Canada.

The IOD artistic leads were tremendously lucky and wise to rely on the recording engineering acumen of Adnan Khoja from Houston, Texas who helped to create all of the vocal recordings. His work truly demonstrated a love for and respect of the choral genre.

The IOD team reached out to Ginan teacher, Shabana Ratani from Houston, to assist with pronunciation. Shabana is known for her beautiful recitations and is someone that many Texan Ismailis have looked to for guidance when working on Ginanic material.

Kim Anderson from Ithaca, New York worked as consultant on this project. Mairaj Manji of Hakims’ Studio is the director of photography (DOP) and editor of the beautiful music video.

Are you ready for the full experience? Watch the video below courtesy Sitare Productions (YouTube)


Subscribe to Sitare Productions YouTube channel as within a few short weeks, a beautiful educational video on “Til Bhar Tulana” will be posted there for your viewing pleasure. Also follow Samira on Facebook and Instagram (@samiranoorali).


On July 10, 2020, The team from the Impressions of Devotion album presented the inaugural video of the “IOD Education Series.” In this first episode, Dr. Ali Asani (Scholar, Ph.D, professor at Harvard University) provided his review of the piece “Kesariya Balam” which was released on July 12, 2020. This version of “Kesariya Balam” is Samira’s interpretation of the folk piece originally written and composed by Allah Jillai Bai.

IOD Education Series seeks to honor the original text, while connecting it to the version rendered by Samira Noorali and the ensemble musicians and singers that she works with.

Video courtesy: Sitare Productions (YouTube)



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