Shahzadi Devje: A Plant-Based Diet Is A Resolution You’ll Actually Want To Keep

Shahzadi Devje: A Plant-Based Diet Is A Resolution You'll Actually Want To Keep

‘Tis the season to make new year resolutions. For many, that often means vowing to commit to a new diet — again. And let’s be frank, we certainly aren’t restricted for choice of diets. The diet landscape is glutted with plans that promise rapid weight loss, yet fail to deliver.

Many diets are arduous to follow, utterly untenable and leave us under a black cloud casting a shadow of negative emotions. Feelings of failure, guilt and frustration are common signs following a diet disaster. According to Keith-Thomas Ayoob, associate clinical professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York: “The worst diet? A fast one. Guaranteed to fail. It will leave you feeling like you failed the diet, but the real failure was choosing it.”

And here’s another thought — how do you know which diet is right for you? With hundreds at our disposal, it’s tough to sift through the money-making schemes and find a plan that works.

It’s no surprise most feel tangled beyond salvation.

As a dietitian-nutritionist, discussions about diets are incessant with my clients (as they should be), and take another level of prominence this time of year. A tidal wave of tenacious clients inquire about nutrition coaching, ready to embark on a new diet to achieve their health and weight goals. As I listen, I can feel their hunger to find a quick-fix solution. As a matter of course, we begin to examine the word “diet.” In most cases, I discover our definitions differ.

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A registered dietitian, mom of three and healthy living aficionado. Shahzadi holds a master’s degree in public health nutrition; with postgraduate studies in nutrition and clinical dietetics. Shahzadi has extensive experience in coaching and health promotion in diverse settings in Canada and the UK. Her experience encompasses both the private and public sectors, as she has worked with communities and public health programs while also improving health and wellness in corporate settings. A community activist, Shahzadi has served in various capacities in the Ismaili Muslim community. Currently, she is the Chair of The Ismaili Nutrition Centre ( Currently, in private practice, she offers digital health coaching to her clients, and advocates healthy living as a way of life. Shahzadi believes everyone’s balance is unique, and it is not an end state to achieve; rather a continuous and conscious action. Owner of Desi-licious RD, she blogs at, where she shares her love of cooking and encourages her readers to join her on a path where they can thrive to health and happiness.


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