Zool Suleman: Sorry Americans, you’re just not our type – Macleans.ca

Zool Suleman: Sorry Americans, you're just not our type - Macleans.caExcerpt: The median American adult is about in his or her mid-40s, and has not completed a college degree. Based on the criteria to enter the country as an economic immigrant—that is, not as a refugee or a Canadian’s relative—those are two strikes against you. If you are not applying to migrate with a Canadian job already lined up in a field where there’s a domestic skills shortage, that’s more or less strike three.

In 2015, Canada opened an express-entry qualification system, with an average processing time of six months before a permanent residency is approved. It’s based on a point system. Maclean’s tested how that typical 46-year-old American would fare if he or she never finished college, but has been working steadily for several years. That person gets 114 points out of 1,200. You won’t have a chance without a point score well in the 400s, says Zool Suleman, a Vancouver-based immigration lawyer.

“That median American is not going to qualify to immigrate to Canada,” he says.

Source: Sorry Americans, you’re just not our type – Macleans.ca


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