“Meri Fariyaad” – Imamat Day Devotional Geet by Pakistani Ismaili Artists

"Meri Fariyaad" - Devotional Geet by Pakistani Ismaili ArtistsMeri Fariyaad – Devotional Geet

The first musical project by kids of Platinum Religious Education Center, Karachi. This devotional geet “Meri Fariyad (My pleas!)” is sung by the talented little kids and their mentors.

Music Composer: Nizar Noorallah – NsN Production.

Guitar: Rahim Artani.
Support: Pashmina Zulfiqar Ali & Nizar Noorallah – Junior.
Lyrics: Nizar – NsN Production.

Video Direction, Shootings & Edit: Nizar – NsN Production, Malik Panjwani & Naushad Punjani.


  • Raheel Virani, Fizza Alwani, Sara Allana, Saman Chagani,
  • Sara Hemani, Rukhsar Sadiq Ali, Salima Karim, Alizba Khimani,
  • Haania Hemani, Sara Khoja, Sara Salim, Shayan Salim,
  • Nihal Vidhani, Areesh Akbar, Fahd Pyarali

Click on this link, or the image, to play the video at Facebook.


Nizar Cat Meri Fariyad

Watch via YouTube here.



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