Likes And Dislikes of God – By Abdul Sultan

Likes And Dislikes of God

By: Abdul Sultan

Abdul SultanAs a child growing into a young adult, I began to worship God and soon I found that He began responding to my prayers. I prayed to Him that I had strong desire to study His likes and dislikes. I discovered many of these, and for some more, He made it convenient for me to refer to relevant Ayats of Quran and Hadice. I disclose here some of these for your benefit.

1. Ya Ali.

Many of the Ismailis have been taught since their childhood to say “Ya Ali” or “Ya Mowla” to overcome any obstacle. As time passes, that saying becomes automatic. We forget that mostly, there was a problem to begin with, which God resolved, and forget to thank God. We must always thank Him and say “Shuker Mowla”. God Likes Your Thanks! He does not like His creatures to forget His bountifulness. If we forget, then we are forgetting the love and mercy that He bestows upon us every day by guiding and protecting us.

On the other hand, supposing you did not care to thank Him, or acknowledge His greatness, then what happens? Nothing! God is forgiving and Merciful! He is not the least annoyed with you. Perhaps you did not thank Him because His teachings did not reach you. So He considered you as less informed [Nadan]. But you missed further blessings that you would have earned by thanking Him.

2. Name of God.

Different religions sects or communities call God by a particular name or names. That does not mean that there are several Gods. By whatever name you call Him, God is one and the same. God has said that He is nearer to His creature than its pulmonary artery (Shah Sharian)! As such, God has direct contact with the mind of His creatures. When you think of calling Him, He is already attentive to you, no matter by what name you called Him! Even if you could call Him before He is attentive to you, call Him by any name, He knows that you mean Him.

It is because God’s listening power is connected to person’s mind, God listens even to a mute person!

3. One God.

God likes to be referred to as “One”! You cannot associate any other power to God, because there is no comparative. You will annoy Him if you associate any other power to Him, or make Him partner in a twin, triple or any joint authority. God is proud because He has no rival. Putting any associate alongside Him is “Shirk” and therefore sin.

4. God likes praises.

You often say “Allah-u-Akbar” in your prayer or Tasbi. That means: God is the greatest. To please Him you should explore in what respect He is the greatest. The more items of His greatness you understand and acknowledge, the more He is happy with you. God likes praises!

5. Glorify.

God likes to be glorified! He likes to be called himself by names that glorify Him. Researchers say God has called himself by 99 different names within Quran. I quote below only 10 of them – enough to present a clear idea of the manner in which He would like Himself to be acknowledged:

  1. Ar-Rahman = The exceedingly compassionate, the exceedingly beneficent, the exceedingly gracious.
  2. Ar-Rahim = the exceedingly merciful.
  3. Al-Aziz = the almighty.
  4. Al-Ghafur = the much forgiving.
  5. Al-Karim = the bountiful, the generous.
  6. Al-Hamid = the all praiseworthy.
  7. As-Samad = the absolute, the self-sufficient.
  8. Al-Wahid = the one, the unique.
  9. Al-Afuw = the pardoner, the effacer, the forgiver.
  10. Al-Baqi = the immutable, the infinite, the everlasting.

These 10 are out of the 99 names that God has given to Himself. From this one can understand His unique status.
Please note that Al-Ali is one of the 99 names of God in Quran. It means = Sublime, supreme, without equal, or of great moral, artistic or spiritual value.

6. The Precious Secret! – Key to soft spot.

In conclusion, I share with you a precious secret. You are fortunate if you understand it and will obtain heavenly rewards so easily! God has a soft spot! If you help or serve His creatures, particularly humans, irrespective cast or creed, He considers that you have done a great act of sacrifice and kindness. God is glad to find that you too love His children. Your deed [Swab, poon] is equated to the work of great charities, multiple travels for Hajj, Ziarath, Urs, or Tirrath, or building places of worship, to name a few. You can help people live decent lives, you can help students in succeeding with their studies, particularly, who cannot afford to do so themselves. All this is considered Sewa / Khidmat, for the people.

God is the most generous! His rewards are great – He will reward you spiritually, materially, in happiness, in this world and in the next, in health, in protection against calamities, and with continuous favours. This is the best short cut to benefit from great rewards, and, so easily!

I hope and pray that you will derive great rewards and benefits from my research, study and experience of the Likes and Dislikes of God.


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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  1. Indeed your article is much appreciated and read with gusto and hunger for learning! thank you and Navroz Mubarak. Such gems of learning are music to the ears and like sandalwood fragrance uplifts the human spirit of those who yearn, may Allah increase us in knowledge.

    Every moment that represents Allah’s breath of Rahma , otherwise is forgotten in our daily profit-seeking routine, but for those like you who remember, reflect and share their understanding for the benefit of mankind.


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