The Benefits of Attending a Fully-residential, Mountain-based University

For most Central Asian students, the higher education experience means attending classes at a university in a city or town, living at home or in a shared apartment, and commuting to campus. Interaction with faculty and fellow students is often confined to class time, which can be limited in a large lecture hall. And the struggle to reach class on time – not to mention finding a quiet place to study – can become the main focus of a student’s university experience, not to mention a major source of stress.

Research shows that living and interacting with fellow students on campus can positively affect critical thinking, cultural awareness, leadership skills and academic development. Conversely, studies confirm that the further you live from campus, the less likely you are to take advantage of all the educational resources at your university. This puts rural students at a serious disadvantage.

UCA believes that a university education is about more than attending class and completing assignments. UCA is offering students in the region something different: A fully residential, immersive experience in an environment that fosters learning and the free exchange of ideas. At UCA, learning begins when a student wakes and pauses only when a student goes to sleep.

UCA offers students the chance to live amongst fellow students and faculty, utilise brand new facilities and resources, and receive an international standard of education in a community of learning unlike any other in the region. Each secure UCA campus offers beautifully designed world-class academic, residential, dining and sports facilities, libraries, laboratories, common lounge and recreation areas, health and wellness services, 100 per cent Internet connectivity and other amenities. The majestic mountain settings of UCA’s three campuses provide ideal environments for students to undergo a life-changing educational experience.

The Benefits of Attending a Fully-residential, Mountain-based UniversityEverything you need to learn and grow is on campus. Come see for yourself!

To apply to the University of Central Asia, visit:, email us at, or call/SMS: +996 770 822 901 (Kyrgyz Republic), +992 93 999 99 64 (Tajikistan), +7 777 822 3948 (Kazakhstan).


  1. Attend a UCA information session in your community
  2. Download application forms online
  3. Submit your application to or in person by 18 March 2016
  4. Sit for UCA’s Admissions test on 3 April 2016
  5. Shortlisted candidates to submit supporting documents by 29 April 2016
  6. Accepted applicants informed and financial aid decisions are provided by June 2016.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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