Zool Suleman: Canadian immigration lawyers getting calls from Americans after Trump’s primary wins

Excerpt: Immigration lawyer Zool Suleman said he also has had more e-mails in recent days, adding that rises are cyclical, but are usually “more of a blip than real.”

“Around the George Bush time, we did end up helping some individuals come here, some families,” he said. “But it wasn’t significant, because moving is a big decision; moving into Canada is not easy.”

Even fewer may follow through if Mr. Trump were to become the Republican presidential nominee and win the election because immigration laws were tightened under the Harper government.

“You had to be educated, you had to have a degree,” Mr. Kischer said. “Now you need to have an actual employer that can show that they can’t find an actual Canadian for the job.”

Mr. Suleman noted that, on top of tighter requirements, the time it takes to move and the potential costs may also make it more difficult.

“Mobility to Canada is really going to be for those who can afford it,” he said. “And those people are probably going to have to wait anywhere from a year to two years before they can come.”

Source: Globe & Mail

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