David Buchbinder explains the resonance between Andalusia and Toronto

Robert Harris for Globe & Mail – December 04, 2015.

David Buchbinder explains the resonance between Andalusia and Toronto
David Buchbinder and his musician colleagues, including his wife, have created a show for kids that is heavy on entertainment and fun with the Routes of Andalucia. (Rafal Gerszak for The Globe and Mail)

The jazz trumpeter/producer/activist/whirlwind is describing to me the thinking behind his Routes of Andalucia concert, which will be presented in a family-friendly version on Saturday afternoon at Toronto’s Koerner Hall. Mervon Mehta of the Royal Conservatory first commissioned this show in 2011; it’s since been presented at the 2014 opening of Toronto’s Aga Khan Museum. This is the first time it’s been fashioned specifically for kids.

“Andalusia was this incredible moment in human history which achieved a kind of greatness in all areas of human endeavour – food, architecture, medicine, philosophy, religion, music and poetry.

To me, there is a resonance between Andalusia and Toronto. Andalusia is not just a musty, golden age from humanity’s past. It’s a template and a vision to guide a modern future, and especially one for Toronto.”

– David Buchbinder

Source: Globe & Mail

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