Happy Birthday Prince Amyn and Thank You for all your gifts towards the Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre, Toronto!

Reporting from Toronto, Ismailimail shares felicity for this epic day.

Today we celebrate many happy occasions – Prince Amyn’s birthday and the inaugurations of the Ismaili Centre, Toronto and the Aga Khan Museum.

Prince Amyn, known world wide for his prowess in the arts and culture, has for many decades worked with his elder brother, His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan on economic, cultural and building initiatives. His gifts of time, knowledge, energy and talent on the Toronto projects for over a decade have come to full fruition as we celebrate the opening of the Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre, Toronto. To draw special attention of his dedication, we share below the French Minister’s tribute in honoring him for his contributions.

Prince Amyn

Prince Amyn Aga Khan is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aga Khan Museum. He is also the Chairman of the Executive Committee (and Member of the Board) of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, which initiates and supports economic development activities in Africa and Asia. In addition to these, Prince Amyn also holds several other posts (see Constellations reference below).

Highly regarded and well-liked by many, Prince Amyn continues to be an epitome of inspiration in the service of the Imam, the Institutions of the Imamat, worldwide Jamats, greater Muslim Ummah and humanity.

Ismaili Muslims worldwide join Ismailimail in wishing Prince Amyn Mohammed Aga Khan, a very happy birthday!

We sincerely Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do for the world wide jamats and we Salute You!


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  • French Minister’s tribute in honoring him for his contributions to France and the international community; and
  • Constellation of his engagements, activities, appointments and honours.

Constellations - Aga Khan Museum – Evoking Wisdom - Prince Amyn Aga Khan on Peace

Prince Amyn - French Government

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4 thoughts

  1. The museum is an amazing addition to the Canadian Ismaili Jamat, I am very proud to call myself a Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim , and many happy returns of the day to Prince Amyn. May you live forever. Amen.


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