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Rising high, the picture of the geometric patterned glass wall surrounding the courtyard at the Aga Khan Museum adorns the front cover of the November 2013 issue of the Canadian Architect Magazine. The dedicated edition is a tribute to His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, the recipient of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s highest honour — the 2013 Gold Medal.

Featuring five themes and with numerous high resolution pictures, Ismailimail brings this electronic edition of the Canadian Architect to its patrons. Come explore one of the feature articles on the Toronto Trio – deemed as “stunning additions to Toronto’s cultural landscape.”

Toronto Trio – Introduction:

A Museum, Ismaili Center, and Islamic-Inspired Park are significant additions to the city that aim to facilitate mutual understanding and exchange between different communities and faiths.

Cultural Diplomacy - The Toronto Trio

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A: Explore the Cultural Diplomacy Series: 

  1. Cultural Diplomacy: Aga Khan Museum – Project Brief
  2. Cultural Diplomacy: Aga Khan Museum – The Road to Toronto via Parma, London, Paris, Lisbon … Lessons from the European Tour
  3. Cultural Diplomacy: Aspirations of the Aga Khan Museum

B: Discover the Connections Series:

  1. Connections: Aga Khan Museum
  2. Connections: Dubai hosts International Preview Exhibition of the Aga Khan Museum

C: All related to Aga Khan Museum at:

  1. Ismailimail


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