Cultural Diplomacy: Aspirations of the Aga Khan Museum | Canadian Museums Association

The Canadian Museums Association’s January/February 2014 edition – Profiles of Museums Old and New, features an image of the geometric dome of a section of the roof of the Aga Khan Museum on the front page and a feature article under Museum Profile titled “Aspirations of the Aga Khan Museum.”

Complementing the main article of the Aga Khan Museum Profile is a teaser introduction on one of the artifacts in the collection of the museum – Manuscript of Nasir’s Ethics. Also featured is an executive profile of Amirali Alibhai – Head of Performing Arts. Ismailimail brings this electronic edition of the Canadian Museums Association to its patrons – advancing the Aga Khan Museum’s mission to inform, educate, inspire.

We invilte you to explore Amirali Alibhai’s informative and inspiring article about the “Aspirations of the Aga Khan Museum.

Cultural Diplomacy - Aspirations of the Aga Khan Museum - Landscape



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