Sports Diplomacy: FIFA World Cup 2014, VISA & 32 Countries inspire you to discover Samba

FIFA World Cup 2014 may be in Brazil but it continues to inspire celebrations all around the world as it transcends languages, cultures and even senses!

Samba of the World

The Samba of the World


Once every four years the world gathers around a shared love.


Hearts fill with hope and with pride.


Fans from all walks of life, from every corner of the earth, come together to celebrate the FIFA World Cup™.


We partnered with 32 filmmakers to capture these moments in time, one from each of the 32 countries that qualified.


Each film pays tribute to our hosts by reimagining the Brazilian favorite “Maria Caipirinha” by Carlinhos Brown (Samba da Bahia).


The result is a fan’s anthem for the greatest of sports passions.


Everyone is celebrating!

Visa funded filmmakers from each of the 32 finalist countries to show the world how their country is celebrating the World Cup. From food to parties to music to dance to art, the “Copa do Mundo” and “futebol” is transforming culture in every country on the planet.

 Discover your samba and tell us your favorites!

View all 32 videos in the playlist


Looking ahead:

What a creative inspiration the above videos serve as we head into Mowlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee in the near future.


Accelerate your awareness … Learn even more!

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1. Visa 2014 World Cup


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