Body, Mind and Spirit | 13 year old, Imaan Ali’s refreshing perspective on why he runs

Imaan Ali, 13 of Hubble Middle School Wheaton, Illinois, is an unconventional kid.

Aga Khan Foundation USA Chicago PartnershipsInAction Walk/Run September 8, 2013. Total time: 34:46
Aga Khan Foundation USA Chicago PartnershipsInAction Walk/Run September 8, 2013. Total time: 34:46

While his friends compete in baseball, basketball, football, soccer and other sports, he has taken a passion for running. And running he does well, clocking 5K runs within half an hour, constantly challenging himself and improving on his time. But running is not all he does, he has a sense of purpose in the races he enters –  he wants to make a difference, a profound difference.

So while he keeps fit by running, he “self reflects and improves” himself with “mind over matter” challenges.

Wow! For a 13 year old, this is an inspiring proposition… a championship mindset.

Top that off with a humble attitude in supporting good causes.

If I am going to do something passionate for myself and get better, I also want to do something that helps others,” says Imaan, as he reminds us that it all started with the 2013 Aga Khan Foundation’s PartnershipsInAction 5K Race to raise funds for poverty.

Since then, he has supported other great causes and participated in Cantigny 5K Run, Cadence Health Winfield Run and St. John Run for Life 5K Run.

Imaan is once again getting ready to participate in 2014 Cantigny 5K Run.

Disappointed with the fact that Chicago does not have a 2014 PartnershipsInAction 5K Race, he still challenges his friends across the other US cities with that race with a friendly ALS type tease, “I am Imaan Ali, I accept the PartnershipsInAction 5K Race Challenge. How about you?”

Imaan’s example is an encouraging model of how a thoughtful 13 year old has taken holistic approach to his passion of running – body, mind and spirit.

The Ismailimail team wishes Imaan the very best of luck and will excitedly follow his running passion and successes.

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4 thoughts

    1. Agree.Very inspirational.As usual,Ismailimail,shares truly inspirational stories to
      encourage pluralism,humanism and encouraging the spirit.



  1. Jenifer, thank you for starting this interesting initiative for the Ismaili youth. I will let Imaan know to contact you directly for a possible interview. He will be delighted. Thanks once again.


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