Adventure Diplomacy: Beyond the Heights – Mirza Ali shares Samina Baig’s triumphs on Everest in an upcoming documentary movie

An extraordinary true story of human will: determination; courage; strength; trust; passion; spirit; and patriotism; against one’s own fears and nature’s forces: snow storms; avalanches; hazardous ice walls; crevice falls; scarcity of oxygen; altitude sickness and extreme cold. An epic tale of the journey to ascend to the top of the world; of hope’s triumph over fear.

A heart warming documentary of a young lady’s journey to conquer her fears and the ascend Mt. Everest. An inspiring story of a brother’s unwavering belief in his sister’s ability to overcome anything – conquer the tallest mountain.

Beyond the Heights is also a lesson in never giving up, even when the world is vertical!

Additional Achievements

1. Correcting Perspectives and Busting Myths: Shining light to the brighter side of Pakistan – Girls don’t bring dowries, they bring records!0 - AD - Girls dont bring dowries they bring records

2. Adventure Sports Education: Introducing Youths to Outdoors Sports Adventure and Nature.

0 - AD - Post card - First Pakistani Gender equality Expedition - Mt Everest 2013

3. A BLESSED and memorable day: On Arrival from Kathmandu and at the reception held at Serena Hotel, National President of Ismaili Council for Pakistan read Talika Mubarak –  EPIC Moment for Samina Baig and Mirza Ali.

0 - AD - Ismaili Leadership at Serena Hotel on treturn from Everest

4. National Recognition: Pakistan’s Prime Minister announces monetary prize and funding for Samina Baig and Mirza Ali’s initiatives in recognition of their mountaineering efforts.

0 - AD - With Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff

5.  National Award: Pakistan’s Quaid- e- Azam Gold Medal 2014.

0 - AD - Quaid- e- Azam Gold Medal 2014

6. Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality.

0 - AD - Beyond the Heights - Gender Equality and women Empowerment

7. Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment and Action on Climate Change.

0 - AD - Climate Change

8. Creative Collaborations in Adventure Diplomacy: Embassies of Argentina, Indonesia, Nepal, Russia, USA and Serena Hotels strengthen support for the 7 Summits in 7 Continents Initiative.

0 - AD - Adventure Diplomacy international supporters

9. Partnerships in Adventure Diplomacy: In conversation with UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Mon.

0 - AD - UN Secretary General

10. Adventure Diplomacy: Connecting People through Mountains – PEACE not WAR is what Youths of India and Pakistan want. Samina Baig and Mirza Ali with India’s Malik Twin Sisters: Nungshi and Tashi, holding each others country flags.

PEACE not WAR is what youths of India and Pakistan want. Samina Baig and Mirza Ali with India's Malik twins - Nungshi and Tashi holding each others country flags

11. An Inspiring Documentary of Samina Baig, the First Woman from Pakistan to Summit Mt. Everest – premiering December 2014.

0 - AD - Beyond the Heights - poster

12. Samina Baig’s Mother accepts the Hunza Culture Forum Award on Samina’s behalf.

0 - AD - Hunza Culture Forum Award

13. Voice of America Award.

0 - AD - VOA Award

14. Rotary Club Award.

0 - AD - Rotary Club Award

15. Ladiesfund Women’s Award 2014.0 - AD - Ladiesfund Women of the year award - 2014

16 One of many Interviews: Hilial Magazine features Samina Baig and Mirza Ali: Rising Above Clouds.

0 - AD - Hilial Magazine features inetrview

17. Bollywood Icon Amitabh Bachan hosting Kon Bane ga Koror Patti: Samina and her Tashi as possible choices – the correct answer is Arumina.

0 - AD - Amitabh Kon Bane ga Koror Patti - Samina and Tashi - answer ofcourse is Arumina


Acclerate your awareness, learn more about the duo:


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