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Dasond: A Joyful Dance | SojournExcerpt: Du’a and Dasond are both obligatory and inseperable in the Ismaili Tariqah of Islam. Together they constitute the Cycle of Sustenance in the physical world. One without the other is simply incomplete.

Du’a, symbolized by the Whirling Dervish’s upward-facing right palm, is a spiritual gesture to ask for and receive sustenance from the Sustainer of the Worlds. Dasond – the sharing and thus, multiplying of one’s blessings – is symbolized by the Whirling Dervish’s downward-facing left palm. Blessings are bestowed from above with the responsibility to care for others, particularly those less fortunate than oneself. In this way, the Cycle of Sustenance maintains its rhythm of flow from above to below, beginning to end.

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  1. Very well written and explained. Keep it up!
    All youngsters who like arguing about the necessity of Dasond should read this article.


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