German director to make film on Avicenna – Ibn Sīnā | Paderborner ‘SJ’ Blog

German director to make film on Avicenna | Paderborner 'SJ' BlogGerman writer and filmmaker Philipp Stolzl is preparing to produce a medieval drama about the 11th century Iranian physician and scientist, Avicenna.

Philipp Stolzl’s new project, The Physician, is the cinematic adaptation from the American author Noah Gordon’s 1986 novel of the same name.The movie that is set in the 11th century portrays a healer named Rob Cole who travels across Europe to seek the scientific truth about illnesses and healing; then in Persia he finds a new stage.Renowned American actor Ben Kingsley stars as the Persian physician Ibn Sina, who is also known as the “doctor of all doctors.”

via German director to make film on Iranian scientist, Avicenna – Press TV News | Paderborner ‘SJ’ Blog.

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  1. Avicenna – Ibn Sīnā is not Iranian!
    His father, Abdullah, was a respected Ismaili scholar from Balkh, an important town of the ancient Ariana in what is today Balkh Province, Afghanistan. And his mother was from Bukhara in present-day Uzbekistan.
    In Afghanistan we call him Ibn Sina Balkhi – Abu Ali Sina-e Balkhi, not Irani!


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