Getting the Ottomans right – Professor Gülru Necipoğlu

It’s been underestimated that the Ottomans were multicultural, multilingual and multireligious and they have been idealized in a wrong way


Professor Gülru Necipoğlu is Aga Khan Chair at the Art and Architecture Dept. in Harvard University. She is the owner of dozens of articles and the author of three in-depth books titled “Architecture, Ceremonial, and Power,” “The Topkapı Palace in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries,” and “The Age Of Sinan: Architectural Culture In The Ottoman Empire”. She educated tens of students at Harvard.

Necipoğlu is now living the happiest time of her life. Last year, she was accepted to the membership of the most prestigious institution in the United States: the American Philosophical Society. This year, Ms. Necipoğlu has been admitted to the American Art and Sciences Academy. She was accepted to the academy together with our Nobel Prize winning author, Orhan Pamuk.

Ottomans were multi-cultured

I had a long conversation with her recently. Ms. Necipoğlu , as a scientist having studies the Ottomans, history and art of Islam for years, is thrilled to be a member of the two prestigious American science foundations

Getting the Ottomans right – Turkish Daily News Sep 06, 2008.

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