Meredith Bratland (@MeredithBratlan): Taste for Indian cuisine spiced up by Ismaili community and culture in Nairobi, Kenya

“My interest in Indian cuisine started in my 20s, where I explored some of the excellent restaurants in Edmonton and then it grew exponentially after moving to an Ismaili community in Nairobi, Kenya for an internship via UAlberta International.

Living in the Nairobi neighbourhood of Westlands, near the Aga Khan University Hospital, I was introduced to so much yummy food, in addition to the vibrant Ismaili culture. The University of Alberta and the Ismaili community have strong ties so I’ve been able to keep this influence in my life since moving back, such as visiting the Aga Khan Botanical Garden and attending the Canada Day Pancake Breakfast at the Legislature Grounds that the Aga Khan Council for Edmonton has hosted since 1989.”

An Indian lunch in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo (2011): Meredith Bratland

“Imagine my delight when I discovered A Spicy Touch, a cookbook written by Ismaili Calgarian, Noorbanu Nimji and writer Karen Anderson. It is truly a gem full of authentic flavours that I experienced in Kenya, with tips to source ingredients and alternatives for those living in Canada.

If you really want to take your Indian cooking up to the next level, purchase yourself a masala daba, a spice box to hold all your favourite spices.

Photo: Meredith Bratland

Read more at the source: Introduction to Ismaili cuisine (University of Alberta News Blog).

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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