Shelina Dilgir, a Certified Fund Raising Executive, addresses “Falling into Fundraising” and challenges she faced as a fundraiser

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the largest association for global professional fundraisers, empowers individuals and organizations to practice ethical fundraising through professional education, networking, research and advocacy. They train staff, boards, and volunteers in ethical and effective fundraising practices, working across organizations and nations to advance positive social good.

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In their new series Falling Into Fundraising, Danisha Bhaloo-Shivji, manager of development and communications at the Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area, interviewed women who are Black, Indigenous, or of colour to talk about their “unintentional” careers as fundraisers, and what they can do to showcase the profession as a viable, intentional career choice, and how to increase the number of BIPOC women in the profession.

In this interview, Shelina Dilgir, who holds a Certified Fundraising Executive Designation (CFRE),  talks about how she fell into fundraising, challenges she has experienced as woman of colour working as a fundraiser in foreign countries, and her future aspirations.

Shelina Dilgir. Photo: AFP

Danisha: What motivated you to transition from fundraising for political campaigns to the charitable sector?

Shelina: The simplest answer is because of the impact that working in Africa and Asia had on me. Seeing first-hand the challenges organizations on the ground there faced, and how some of my skills could make such a profound difference, resonated and stuck with me. When I came back to the United States following my overseas stint, I did go back to raising funds for political candidates, but it didn’t last long. The call of working and supporting organizations based overseas eventually pulled me back.

Danisha: You had your “accidental” start in fundraising in a developing country. Can you share with us how that happened?

Shelina: When I graduated with my Master of Arts in International Studies, I knew going overseas was my next step. Ideally, working with the United Nations, Aga Khan Development Network or some policy or think tank was my goal. For months following graduation, I went on several interviews with international Non-Governmental Organizations and spent time really trying to find what would be the right fit. It wasn’t too long thereafter when I finally narrowed down my choice—Voluntary Service Overseas. Its international offices are based in the United Kingdom, but my recruitment office was in Ottawa, Canada. 

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