“Haseebi”- From @TajalliLounge (Sounds of Manifestation)

Haseebi (My Reckoner)

Raheemi (My Merciful Lord)

Kareemi (My Benevolent Lord)

Al Madad tu kar madad Mawla (The only refuge, please come to my help)

Haseebi” is a fusion of traditional qawwali with contemporary world sounds and the first music video from “Tajalli Lounge“. It involves artists from three continents (Asia, Australia, and North America). Haseebi is a prayer, a zikr, and shukar (Thanks) in the praise of the divine, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

“Haseebi” lyrics are penned down beautifully by Farhan Shah. It also features excerpts from renowned poets such as Allama Iqbal, Omar Khayyam, Agha Hashar Kashmiri. A rendition of a famous Naat Kalaam (Khusravi achi lagi) by Abdul Sattar Niazi is also part of this presentation.

Farhan Shah and Shahid Rehman (Music producers, Udan Khatola) lead this large multinational ensemble cast that features legendary, award winners (Pride of Performance, Pakistan) Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad Qawwal & Brothers.

Main jab bhi doobta hun tu bachata hai (You come to my rescue whenever I am drowning)

Main jab bhi ladkhadata tu uthata hai (You lift me up whenever I fall)

Teray ehsan kitnay hain meray mawla (Your kindness knows no bounds, my dear master)

Source: Tajalli Lounge (YouTube)

Tajalli Lounge – Sounds of Manifestation

Tajalli Lounge” initiative is a celebration of divine manifestation through many forms of sound. This is also an effort to merge energies of aspiring talents with established artists from around the world to create divinely inspired, world-class soulful music.

Tajalli Lounge” collaboration is spearheaded by award-winning artist Farhan Shah, Irfan S. Ali, and Jollygul.com.

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