“All Praise be to You” – #Salgirah2020 Poem by Zafeera Kassam

All Praise be to You

Liquid argentine glow of the moon

is Your serene countenance

A rainbow beaming across the sky

is Your magical smile

How niveous the horizon in winter

is Your allure

Tulip fields in Spring in Netherlands

are a vision of Your beauty

How bespoke every gold, crimson, blush sunset

speaks of Your mastery

Mighty cresting waves prostrating at the shore

is acknowledgement of Your power

Cascading waterfalls like Victoria & Niagara

sing endlessly of Your majesty

August alps reigning the skies and the ground

is the sight of Your exaltedness

Dappled sunlight through Arabian windows

is a glimpse of Your equanimity

Cherry blossoms blooming abundant in Japan

becomes Your munificence

Andalusian horses galloping over Spanish meadows

is the picture of Your grace

Sunbeams streaking through dark clouds

sums up Your magnanimity

The unassumingness of River Nile & River Panj

illuminates us of Your humility

Platypuses are the product of Your subtle humour

Proboscis monkeys somewhat Your on-the-nose humour

Susurrus of leaves in the breeze

is the sound of Your continual blessings

All of bounties in nature and all of creation

mirror the many facets of You

And You are ours to call our own

Our sun rises and sets in You

Salgirah Mubarak, Khudavind!

Zafeera Kassam is an Ismaili murid and teacher by profession, living in Nairobi. She hopes to be continuously inspired to write praises of our beloved Hazar Imam for as long as she can.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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