Farhan Shah, Shahid Rehman (Udan Khatola) and JollyGul.com Special Presentation: “Saavan” feat. Ustaad Islamuddin Meer

JollyGul.com has now released, jointly with Farhan Shah, the much anticipated “Saavan” song. “Saavan” (Monsoon Season) is a “thumri” – an Indian vocal form based on the romantic-devotional literature inspired by the bhakti movement. The song is a yearning for the beloved to come home as the rainy season has arrived.

Team #Saavan

The exceptional Ustaad Islamuddin Meer is the featured vocalist and violinist, with Farhan being the 2nd lead adding the contemporary vocal elements. Nureen Sumar (Calgary, Canada) adds her master touch by introducing contemporary choral elements. Shahid Rehman’s guitar work, Zeeshan Perwez (bass), Ashiq Ali Meer (tabla), Ajay Harry (drums), Sheroze Hussain (sitar) completes this musical ensemble that takes this production to unbelievable musical heights. Shereen Ladha’s (Toronto, Canada) superb dance choreography rounds out this all star cast.

Ali Raza (Unikrew Production) and his team were tasked to bring this video to life and they did a wonderful job working with video footage from Pakistan, Canada and Australia.

This musical production wouldn’t have come to life if not for the vision of Farhan Shah and Shahid Rehman of Udan Khatola. Together, they have done marvelous work over the years and this new release is another feather in the cap for them. From concept, to musical arrangements, and everything in between, this is truly a masterpiece.

“Saavan” is a true labor of love from everyone involved in this project. We hope you will enjoy listening and watching the classical and contemporary sounds presentation as much as we enjoyed creating it. If you like what you hear, click on that share button and share some love with your family and friends.

And stay tuned as we have partnered up with Farhan Shah to bring to you many more world-class productions going forward. Source: JollyGul.com press release.

Video Source: JollyGul.com (YouTube)


Watch making of Saavan. In this video, all the artists involved in this project talk about their experience working together and what this project meant to them on personal level.

Video Source: JollyGul.com (YouTube)

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