Ismailis Rise Up Virtual Event: Town Hall with U.S. Senate candidates Jon Ossof (Georgia, U.S.) and Rev. Raphael Warnock (Georgia, U.S.) Wednesday October 21, 2020

Last week, Ismaili organizers from all over the country got together to call Ismaili voters in Michigan and it was awesome. We have two weeks left to keep this up in other Ismaili-populated states like Texas, Georgia and the West Coast. Got an extra hour or two for the next 2 weekends? Pick up your phone and get dialing with Ismailis Rise UP team. No experience needed, they will bring the scripts, you bring the fiercest GOTV-energy you’ve got. 

💪🏾 Texas call party sign-up 
💪🏾 West Coast call party sign-up 
💪🏾 Georgia call party sign-up

Join Munir Meghjani for a Virtual Event in Support of Jon Ossoff & Raphael Warnock. Please register to join this free conversation here:

Ismailis Rise Up team is proud to see the *unprecedented* uprising of Ismaili Muslims across the United States that are organizing and mobilizing like never before to make sure our community is part of the process that decides who our political leaders are going to be. And guess what – it’s starting to get the attention of national political candidates. 

In fact, tomorrow, Wednesday, October 21st at 8 PM (Eastern Standard Time). Ismailis Rise Up team is hosting a town hall with both U.S. Senate Candidates Jon Ossof (Georgia) and Rev. Raphael Warnock (Georgia)This is the last official meet and greet for both candidates and they want to hear directly from you about the issues that are important to you and your community. If that wasn’t enough here is a personal invite from actor/comedian Rizwan Manji from Schitt’s Creek!

Rizwan Manji wants YOU to join the event with Jon Ossof (GA) and Rev. Raphael Warnock(GA). Source: IsmailisRiseUp (YouTube)

Please register to join this free conversation here:

This election will have long-lasting implications on our democracy and what the United States looks like for decades to come, and we should and can have a say in what that is. 

Ismailis Rise Up Team

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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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