Ginan: Utar Khandd Maanhe – Nargis Balolia (With Music, Lyrics & Translations) presents Nargis Balolia’s beautiful rendition of Pir Sadardin’s ginan “Utar Khandd Maanhe” (In the North Continent).

This melodious ginan beautifully recited by Nargis Balolia is about meditation to gain the understanding and recoginition of the Lord, following the True Guide and about leading a virtuous well-balanced life.

Explanation, interpretation of the ginan line: “utar khandd maahhe shaah nee jot jaagevaa, shaah naa purakh meele parketaa ho jirebhaai” (when the Lord’s light shines in the north continent, then complete recognition and understanding of the Lord is attained, O dear brother). By “north continent”, the allusion (figure of speech) is the region of the forehead between the two eyebrows called ‘bhamar goofaa’ where the first spiritual experience can be experienced by observing a certain method of meditation.

Video Source: (YouTube)

The background imagery used for this video, Northern Lights, is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in high-latitude Arctic region. They are a result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind.


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