Zaynah Bhanji: “Evee Garbee Sa(m)purann Saar” Ginan Garbi (With Music)


Evee Garbee Sa(m)purann Saar is a ginan garbi, a sub-genre within ginans (devotional hymns) where the lyrics are set to dance. In modern times they are recited in more religious settings by Ismailis. According to folklore, Pir Shams used these garbis in the 14th Century for proselytizing (converting) purpose where he would participate in dancing with villagers during their festive occasions and use these lyrics to communicate his message.

Zaynah Rising Star – recites Evee Garbee Sa(m)purann Saar with her own musical composition with guitar back-up from her brother Areez.

We do not dance to garbis when recited in Jamatkhanas, of course, to maintain the decorum of the place of spiritual contemplation. And in modern times, we do not proselytize (try to convert) – instead we build bridges of understanding with other faiths and traditions for mutual benefit as well as for a tolerant and peaceful world.

With this in mind, let us continue to enjoy our “wonderful tradition” and beautiful musical heritage. In this rendition by Zaynah, you will want to turn the volume high (careful not to annoy the neighbors) and start dancing and playing raas-garba at home with the family.

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