Rising Star: Zaynah Bhanji


Zaynah Bhanji is now JollyGul.com’s “Rising Star”. Congratulations, Zaynah!

“Rising Stars” are pre-teens and teens who have shown considerable promise and passion in producing devotional songs and music of all genres. JollyGul.com will work with them and their parents to assist in enhancing the visibility and distribution of their work as well as help with ideas and production, if needed, on an ongoing basis.

JollyGul.com has launched Zaynah Bhanji’s website on its hosting platform. The Jamat can now listen to all her ginans, qasidas and devotional songs in one place with lyrics and English translations displayed at the same time on our custom audio player.

The website has the following sections: Profile, Audios, Gallery (Pics), Videos, Updates and a Contact Form.

Please start listening to Zaynah’s wonderful recitations on your computer or smartphone browser by clicking on the link (https://www.jollygul.com/Zaynah-Bhanji/) or through the JollyGul On-Demand (green) App if you have that installed.


Zaynah bhanji

Zaynah is a 16-year-old, passionate about machine learning and virtual & augmented reality. She began her technology journey at 13 and has been supported by companies like Google, CIBC, TD, Deloitte, and Microsoft. She has been speaking at leading conferences globally in places including Dubai, Poland, Toronto, San Francisco, and more.

Zaynah is also a huge advocate for women and girls in technology, and speaks to many girls to inspire them to pursue their interests in a science or tech field. Her mentors and advisors represent some of the leading companies in the AI and VR/AR space.

Zaynah is very passionate about music and has been singing and learning music since the age of 4, and is influenced by both Indian classical and English pop music. Zaynah is combining her passions for music and technology, and enjoys producing classical songs with a modern twist. Zaynah has had an opportunity to recite ginans in many Jamatkhanas in Toronto, Dubai and East Africa.

One of Zaynah’s personal goals in life is to be able to reach and connect with as many Ismailis as she can through her passion for singing and technology. On her devotional music website hosted on our platform, you will see a “Profile” section which has a direct link to Zaynah’s own website containing lots of interesting content, including videos, about her involvement in technology (machine learning and virtual & augmented reality) as well as her work in advocacy for girls in technology. We highly recommend younger members of the Jamat, especially those contemplating career options, to visit this wonderful resource. You will be inspired!


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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