“Ek Vaar Maare Gaam’de Aavo” feat. 5 Years Old Zynah Karim Rozani #ImamatDay2020 has brought something very special for you today. Zynah Karim Rozani is 5 years old. She started singing since she was a 2-year-old toddler. Zynah’s mom Samina sent JollyGul a short video clip in which this gifted beautiful soul sings a few lines of classic geet “Ek vaar maare gaam’de aavo” (Come to my village once) for Imamat Day 2020.

In this special double video release, you will hear Zynah sing this evergreen Ismaili song followed by second (also new) video – the original full song by Khursheed Nurali, with concurrent lyrics and English translations displayed for the first time.

Zynah Karim Rozani is probably Khursheed’s youngest fan. Singing has been her passion since she started getting her milk teeth and she is also very fond of dancing, painting, drawing and swimming. She has recited ginans in Jamatkhana including “Imaan amaru” and “Sahebji tu more man bhave”!

Video 1: Ek Vaar Maare Gaam’de Aavo By 5-Year-Old Zynah Karim Rozani

Khursheed Nurali needs no introduction – she is a towering figure in the Ismaili devotional geet scene. Many of her geets (including this one) written by the legendary songwriter Hassanally G. Rammal (Suman) and sung decades back are still very popular today – they have become quintessential classics. She is such a wonderful gift to us all.

Video 2: Ek Vaar Maare Gaam’de Aavo – Khursheed Nurali (With Lyrics & Translations)

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One thought

  1. No words to express when Khursheed travels she always sings a ginan after so many years i’m delighted to hear
    her still singing. Congratulations to Zynah Kareem to sing at such a young age, is a gift from ALLAH, so don’t stop singing but don’t forget to study as well in school.


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