Presentation: Amar Te Aayo – Ginan By Taufiq and Nasreen Karmali #ImamatDay2020

As part of ongoing Imamat Day 2020 Celebrations on platform, we present Pir Sadardin’s ginan Amar Te Aayo More Shaahjeejo Emu Allaah (The command has come from my Hazar Imam, O my Lord ). The ginan is elegantly recited by Taufiq and Nasreen Karmali with musical accompaniment. We present it in a video format with running lyrics and English translations.

Amar Te Aayo ginan is recited in Jamatkhanas when new Jamati leadership appointments are announced – which usually happens on Imamat Day.

Amar Te Aayo is a 17-verse ginan but we are presenting the 5 verses commonly recited in Jamatkhanas. Pir Sadardin narrates the story of a Queen who practiced her Satpanth faith in a discrete way and the King started suspecting that she was hiding something from him. That made her open up to him and explain the faith. The King got interested in the faith and wanted to follow it as well. The Queen cautions the King that it is a difficult faith to practice because it involves a lot of sacrifices – he would have to give up all his material belongings as well his hold on power. The King agreed to submit to the Divine Will and disposed away all his worldly possessions to pursue his new spiritual path.

The moral of the story in the modern practice of Ismailism is that whilst we are expected to totally balance our material (zahir) with the spiritual (batin) life, we should be ready at all times to make sacrifices, if asked, for the benefit of the community. That involves in many instances giving our time to serve in various leadership positions. But it also increasingly involves contributing time, knowledge and professional expertise (TKN) by proactively making oneself available to the Imamat for any opportunities to serve that may emerge anywhere in the world. The scope of activities have vastly increased under our Imam-e-Zaman and so have the opportunities to serve the Jamat and the wider societies in which the Jamat lives.

Imamat Day Mubarak from Hope you enjoy our Imamat Day 2020 Digital Fireworks Show.

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