Quran, The Book of Divination- Poem by Amir Samji

There is no doubt, Quran is The Book of Divination, it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him) for worldly and spiritual illumination.


Quran, The Book of Divination

Quran is the divine book of divination
Revealed on mankind for illumination
It is nothing but only truth revelation
To understand it; make it your mission

Devils are those who engineer interpretation
Is the book for humans for simple elucidation
The more you read, more you learn of creation
Put insight; and wisdom in for implementation

Thousands of times translated to get more intuition
You may add some more light for its beautification
Beauty of it; has in it so much so diversification
On human life it has more than enough insinuation

When you think; go philosophical in search of incarnation
When philosophical, lead you to theosophical in inspiration
At a certain stage feel feelings of God with manifestation
If blessed with divine intuition; find reason of creation

Is divine scripture; has meaning; & purpose of revelation
Put insight & wisdom in; lead you to scientific revelation
If successful; helps to see beyond skies in one rotation
Has universal message of love & peace; the cause of creation

Amir Samji was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1952 and moved to Los Angeles USA in 1999. He is a Commerce Graduate and have been writing poetry since 30 years in Urdu. His book “A Humble Diamond Jubilee Time and Knowledge Nazrana in Shan-e-Karimi (Poems of heart; creation of thoughts) (Volume 1)” is available for purchase here.



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