Rahim Snow (@rahimsnow): Spiritual Practice in a Time of Crisis

“In times of rapid change, we need reminders of the timeless and the changeless.”- from Remember Who You Are

You are a spiritual being from God. God said “Be!” and brought you into being. This is the foundation of who you are. Your body can change. Your world can change. But the spiritual being that you are doesn’t change. That is the truth that can keep you grounded in the ups and downs of your life. This is the first principle of our spiritual practice in a time of crisis.

For more information, read my book: Remember Who You Are: 28 Spiritual Verses from the Holy Quran. http://rwya.rahimsnow.com/

Above is one of “FREE” daily video produced by Rahim Snow (author, teacher, interfaith bridge-builder) for Ramadan 2020. Each video will contain a 10-20 minute talk and guided meditation on the practical spiritual teachings of Islam. Real, down-to-earth, and useful for young and old.

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Rahim Snow is the author of the book, Remember Who You Are: 28 Spiritual Verses from the Holy Quran to Help You Discover Your True Identity, Purpose, and Nourishment in God (for Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all seekers of knowledge). He is passionate about Rahim Snowsupporting you on your spiritual path. He has been digging deep into the mountain caves of religion, spirituality, mythology, and psychology for over 30 years. He has pursued Islamic Studies in London at the Institute of Ismaili Studies and he has completed his Master’s degree in Religion from the University of Oxford. His goal has always been to dig out those hidden treasures of knowledge and wisdom from Islam and other world religions and weave them into a practical spirituality that actually helps you in your daily life. He wants to help you recognize that you are a being from Allah and that you are true, good, beautiful, and forever. He wants to help you stay grounded in your true identity through the stormy ups and downs of your daily life. And he wants to help you use your blessings, your gifts, your knowledge, and your skills to serve and uplift all people without exception. To learn more about Rahim’s work and get sneak peeks into his next projects, join his newsletter at join.rahimsnow.com.

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