Beyond ‘Paradise Gardens’: Productivity and Environmental Stewardship in the Aga Khan Garden @Aleemkarmali

One of the great challenges, and most hotly contested issues, of the twenty-first century is the increasing scale of human impact on the environment. The need for increased environmental sustainability to combat climate change and pollution is a significant concern for many in the world today. The notion of environmental stewardship is also rooted in the Islamic faith, as the Qur’an refers to humans as trustees of Divine creation, and thus Muslims are called upon to leave the world in a better condition than they inherited it. At the inauguration ceremony of the Aga Khan Garden in Edmonton, His Highness the Aga Khan stated that ‘a central part of the Garden tradition is the high calling of human stewardship, our responsibility to honor, to protect, and to share the gifts of the natural world.

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Aleem Karmali (Author)


Islamic Gardens: Catalysts for Change

This short documentary produced by Aleem Karmali for the Aga Khan Development Network explores the significance of the various park and garden projects globally undertaken by the Ismaili Imamat, including their role as spiritual and communal spaces, in environmental stewardship, their capacity to act as springboards for economic development, and their role as educational spaces to teach about the rich diversity and heritage of Muslim cultures and civilisations.

Aleem Karmali founded Crescent Productions in 2001 with the aim to produce creative, Aleembalanced, and intelligent films about Islam and Muslim societies. As a writer, director, editor, and producer, he has been working on media productions since 1997.

Aleem has produced a number of documentaries, short films, stage performances, and corporate videos, having produced projects in Canada, Tajikistan, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. His works have screened at academic conferences, festivals, during live performances, and various other events. He is also an accomplished public speaker and educator.

Aleem’s educational background combines academic, creative and technical pursuits. This includes an MA in Visual Anthropology, a post-graduate certificate in Islamic Studies and Humanities, and a BA in Communication Studies and Sociology.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

One thought

  1. Congratulations Aleem, i pray for your immense success in your quest. We need young people help our beloved Imam for his vision and am sure almost every country or city will have gardens, water fountains etcc for mankind to enjoy these gardens and will find peace in their hearts. Today too many upscale people are filling every empty space with high rise buildings to make money, hence destroying the peace for many.


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