Prince Hussain Aga Khan: “Everything is dying in the oceans” #CoveringClimateNow #ClimateEmergency

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Prince Hussain Aga Khan portrays marine ecosystems to help change consciousness. At the opening of his exhibition in Lisbon, he told VISÃO about this passion and life mission.


Why is it so urgent for you to show these images of marine life? 
Because everything is dying. Everything is dying all over the world. The climate is changing, corals are dying, sharks are disappearing by the millions every year, 90% of the big fish are gone, and of the rest of the fish we fish, I think 90% are overfished too.

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Hussain Aga Khan: 7 Photos of Diving Among Humpbacks in Tonga | National Geographic
The light skin and small body of the calf become more noticeable when compared to its mother at a distance. (Photo by Hussain Aga Khan/National Geographic)

THE LIVING SEA: PHOTO-ESSAY BY HUSSAIN AGA KHAN is currently on display at the National Museum of Natural History and Science at the University of Lisbon until December 29th.


Learn more about  Focused on Nature:

Prince Hussain - Focused on Nature

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I’ve always admired Prince Hussain’s passion for all species of animals. GOD made the jungles for the animals, made the vast oceans for all types of fishes, forests for bears and other animals residing in the forests, the birds, trees etcc. and earth for mankind, whom i’ve always believed are the worst race in the world. To mankind all the beauty above holds no meaning except how to make more money. I have been praying for his work to go viral and people can understand what they are destroying and also the Zoo’s opened in North American countries, where the animals have been kidnapped from other countries and put them in cages, another way for making money and pray everyday for some miracle and the animals sent back to where they belong and not put in small cages. I salute him and so many others who are trying to undo the wrong mankind has done.


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