Khat Niranjan- Highest Unseen Service To Be Launched Soon on

Khat Niranjan – Highest Unseen
A Daring Composition By Pir Sadardin


Our Pirs were well known for their sheer physical courage. Fulfilling missionary work in hostile territory is not for the faint at heart. However, Pir Sadardin’s Khat Niranjan granth composition demonstrates an additionally different type of boldness – a breathtaking intellectual and spiritual audacity.

Khat Niranjan courageously attempts to explain the very beginning of the creation process. One can say even beyond the very beginning, even before the Big Bang Event.

The Big Bang Theory is the prevailing scientific explanation of how the Universe began 14 billion years ago. During Pir Sadardin’s time 500 years ago this scientific paradigm did not even exist. That did not stop Pir Sadardin to courageously ask a separate question – a spiritual inquiry – into why it all came into existence and a related question about the nature of God. Science tries to answer the question of “how”? Spiritual inquiry addresses the question of “why”? Why did it come into existence, what is the purpose? The “how” (science) and “why” (spiritual) are totally separate legitimate questions and not at all in conflict even though they are pursued with very different methodologies.

The difficult task of explaining the origin of God is tackled in the most simple and understandable way. Pir Sadardin eloquently presents the concept of the dual aspect of the same One God (God the Attributes – Creator, Merciful, Beneficent and God the Essence – Undefinable, Formless).

Khat Niranjan is a bold and daring composition in the finest tradition of Ismaili intellectual spiritual inquiry and contemplation. will launch its Khat Niranjan service very soon. The granth has a total of 260 verses. The whole recitation is eloquently delivered by Saima Hirani. The transliteration and translations are brilliantly executed by Karim Maherali – it took Karim 3 months to complete the task specifically for this launch. The Audio Player will display running line to line lyrics and translations as the recitation progresses.

Khat Niranjan means the Highest Unseen referring to the Divine Essence from which the entire creation is brought into existence. Pir Sadardin guides the murids on how they can apply his “Khat Niranjan” conceptual framework for the practice of their faith under the leadership of Imam-e-Zaman.

This Granth can be divided into 3 parts: the first part deals with how the Khat Niranjan brought about the creation, the second part deals with the correct and false methods of worship and the third part deals with the narration of Khat Niranjan assuming 10 manifestations known as Das Avtars to fulfill the work and aspirations of the devotees through the four Yugas (time periods).

Khat Niranjan granth take-home message is that creation has a grand purpose for the elevation of souls and not for any other trivial purpose.

Watch out for Khat Niranjan launch news in IsmailiMail in the next few days.

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