Junayde Alam ft. DJ Ghasuray – ‘down’ (Official Music Video)

By Junayde Alam

The writing of this song started almost a year ago. Back then, I was feeling ‘down’ for reason I would rather not share. This emotional experience led me into thinking about my society and how the Gen Z deals with depression or anything of that kind. Most of us hold back these dark feelings and try to shove them down rather than sharing with the right people who can help us let go of them. Hence I felt the need to write something deep on this topic. I tried to keep my lyrics very general because I wanted this song to be relatable to a lot of people. Therefore, verse 1 explains the problems I was facing and on the contrary, verse 2 explains how I should’ve approached these problems and then I topped off with a rant on people who don’t take mental health serious.

Verse 1

I’m downing the bottle of feelings

I’m going to scary places

I’m so tangled up in this mess

I’m so lost in this endless quest

Verse 2

I need someone’s hand right now

I need to wear a cape right now

You need to shut all of this noise

So I can finally be myself

I approached DJ Ghasuray with this idea and he agreed to work on it! After some jamming sessions with Zulqarnain Saleem (Guitarist), the vibe sounded promising. I have been long inspired from hip-hop and wanted to add the hi-hats and the 808s in this song. DJ Ghasuray did an amazing job in executing this and worked tirelessly to make it into a reality! And here I am, with the song released on SoundCloud and YouTube. The Music Video for this song is shot and directed by Zulqarnain Saleem. I have been getting a very positive response from my listeners and I am honestly so grateful for the people who support me and keep me motivated. Thank you!

Junayde Alam is a senior attending Aga Khan Higher Secondary school in Gilgit. He aspires to be a professional musician for which he is planning on applying for music schools abroad.

“Junaid is extremely talented & passionate about music. His voice has a magical quality & innocence that expresses and touches one’s heart. At such a young age, he’s got the dedication and passion for his art and I wish him all the best for the future which I know is very bright!” Salim Merchant, Singer, Music producer.

Be sure to read our interview of Junayde and DJ Ghsuray from 2017.


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