Sayyed Imam Shah – Bai Budhai Ginan Series Launched has now launched “Sayyed Imam Shah Ane Bai Budhai No Sanvaad” collection of ginans on its platform.

“Sayyed Imam Shah Ane Bai Budhai No Sanvaad” is a collection 71 ginans. It is a dialogue between Sayyed Imam Shah and Bai Budhai (brother and sister, children of Pir Hasan Kabiruddin). They discuss the practice of faith, the balance between material and spiritual pursuits as well as their childhood and the death of their father Pir Hasan Kabiruddin. The 42nd ginan is attributed to Hajar Beg the servant of Sayyed Imam Shah. presentation of “Sayyed Imam Shah Ane Bai Budhai No Sanvaad” has recitations by Alnoor Saleh and Bano Mughal. Line by line lyrics and translations are displayed as the recitations progress.

Earlier this week, had released a pre-launch article about “Sayyed Imam Shah Ane Bai Budhai No Sanvaad”. This launch today will be followed by 3 podcast episodes to be released next week that will talk about and reflect upon these beautiful ginan collections.

Start enjoying all the 71 ginans by clicking the link below:

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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  1. Hello
    Where can I get Bai Budhai na Samvad ginan lyrics and translations in English? I tried many site with no results, please help, thanks


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