Shams Charania: 40 Under 40 Sports Media Talents 2019

Welcome to The Big Lead’s 40 Sports Media Talents Under 40 list. As was the case in 2017, the criteria is as follows: To what extent there would be a bidding war for these writers, reporters, and/or personalities if they came available, whether they could plausibly make it on their own, the ability to report or ideate original content — with opinion or breaking news — or be the subject of stories that spread throughout the sports media ecosystem. Can they shape discussions? How much do their names resonate in headlines?

Shams Charania (Stadium and The Athletic) made this list at #25

Still under 30 years old, Shams Charania is already a prominent NBA news-breaker. shamsWhile mostly known for his scoops on Twitter, Charania now does segments for Stadium and writing for The Athletic. Source

In another news

At just 24 years old, Charania already stands as one of the most-followed, highest-profile NBA reporters in the biz. In a league where player movement and off-season drama have taken center stage, scoops have become currency for media members, and few folks get scoops like Charania.

Read more at the source: Chicago native Shams Charania is one of the biggest NBA reporters in the business

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