AKDN’s Nizamuddin Urban Renewal Initiative: Zaika-e-Nizamuddin (ZeN) @NizamuddinUrban

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Supported by AKDN’s Nizamuddin Urban Renewal Initiative of Aga Khan Development Network, Zaika-e-Nizamuddin (ZeN) was started with some mothers as a response to 50% malnourishment amongst children in the basti and the need to ensure healthy snack habits.


Currently supported under the project, ZeN is thriving to become an independent women enterprise. The members of ZeN, perfecting their art day after day, are in the process of emerging into professional chefs and also managers managing their enterprise.

The main objective for the future is to function as a sustainable, profitable and independent enterprise providing sustained , enhanced and dignified incomes to its members.


The group has evolved into an enterprise owned by 10 confident women perfecting their art day after day, taking baby steps towards regaining their lost identities. It is not just empowering but also endearing to see the ‘bajis’ of Nizamuddin dressed in aprons and head gear, making haleem using their grandmother’s recipe in a fully safe and hygienic bawarchi khana.

When tradition meets enterprise, you get a ZeN kebab; when hundreds of ZeN kebabs meet their customers, Neha (a proud ZeN member) gets a scooty for her husband.

And when thousands of Nehas are able to buy scooties, we move a step forward to a better world and a tastier one too.

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