Countless Circles of Love Poem by Arif Gowani

countless circles of love

not a sufi

a mystic or a sheikh

if you must know

arif does not dance or spin in love

but in reality

all that exists in all universe(s)

willingly and unwillingly are in motion within this rhythm

all together twisting spinning in

countless circles of love for the Divine

all chaos noise speed motion and spinning is occurring outside of you so hold tight and do not get swept up by these outside circles

all of us are spinning in this ecstasy with universe(s)

yet there is no dizziness because our hearts are at still


listen to arif

your heart must submit itself in

Remembrance of the Divine

countless spins of repetitions

twirling inside the circles of Love

a rhythm of Divine Love

will take a shape of a twister

 a powerful force and

the gravity of Divine Love

will rip and pull you apart

from yourself you will no longer exist

now only remains

the Real Self

the Truth

your Lord

 countless circles of love – arif gowani

Source: Rejoice I Am You- Poem book by Arif Gowani


About author:

ArifArif Gowani is an Author, Poet and Artist.  At these times, we need better understanding of Love, Peace and Unity.  This is why, it is really important to understand Pluralism.

The author is combining art illustrations along with poetry, so that a reader might understand the poems meaning either through reading or by the art illustration.

Please follow the author on facebook at @gowaniarif and on instagram at @arifgowani.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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