Fourteen-year-old Ayaan Esmail of Toronto, Canada is working on diagnosing diseases such as cancer through DNA

“The system we are using to change the future of society hasn’t changed and that’s our education system,” Ayaan Esmail- Co-Founder “Genis”

By Farah Nasser- Anchor, Global News

The technological age has changed many things in our world, but a Grade 9 student from Mississauga says education isn’t one of those things.

Yes, we use iPads and new software in our schools. However, Ayaan Esmail said he believes we aren’t setting up a system to create future leaders.

Esmail is an anomaly because not many 14-year-olds are co-founders of start-ups hoping to revolutionize the healthcare industry. His technology company, Genis, is working on diagnosing diseases such as cancer through DNA.

Excerpts of op-ed Ayaan Esmail wrote about how he feels education in our country needs to change:

AyaanTedXEducation has been very stagnant, if you look at other industries like transportation, healthcare and manufacturing. They’ve all changed but when we look at school today, we still think of a textbook and an exam. I think we need to fundamentally rethink what learning looks like in today’s world.




Read complete op-ed, and watch video interview of Ayaan at the source:

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