TEDxDonMills: Meet the Program Design Team @TEDxDonMills

In just one month, many of you will be watching TEDxDonMills come to life. 12 inspiring, uplifting speakers will go on stage one by one and give you something new to think about, a new perspective, a bit of new knowledge and hopefully inspire you to do something differently-however small that thing is- to make an impact in your life and the lives of others as we spend the day thinking about “Designing Tomorrow”. The experience will be a transformative one for you.


We as the Program Design team, a group of volunteers who have been involved in selecting speakers, helping speakers to build out their talks and bring our theme of Designing Tomorrow to life, have also been transformed by our experience. Sitting together we had an opportunity to ask each other questions and today invite you into our chat.

Question: What about Designing Tomorrow excites you the most?

Neha (Program Design Manager): What excites me the most about “Designing Tomorrow” is the intersection between various domains that make up the design of tomorrow. When people think “Designing Tomorrow”, the first thought that comes to mind is technology, but our tomorrow, the tomorrow we want to live in, is so much bigger than that. It’s about community, economy, inclusivity, healthcare, environment, and education. Understanding the intersectionality of these domains within the context of Don Mills, within the context of Canada, is an eye-opening experience. I truly believe that regardless of who you are and what you do, you are a designer of tomorrow, because tomorrow is a product of everything we’re doing today. 

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TEDxDonMills on February 9th at the Aga Khan Museum.

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