Does the way we grow bananas in nature have anything to do with religion?

By Easy Nash: Science and Religion in Islam: The Link-

BananaOn a plate, a single banana seems whimsical—yellow and sweet, contained in its own easy-to-open peel. It is a charming breakfast luxury as silly as it is delicious and ever-present. Yet when you eat a banana the flavor on your tongue has complex roots, equal parts sweetness and tragedy.


This is a fascinating and must-read article (click here to read article) about how we breed and grow bananas in nature. It appears that pluralism and diversity in the way we grow bananas in nature leads to a much safer, healthier and harmonious long-term outcome than doing it monolithically and homogenously. Yet the powers that be persist in using the latter and not the former approach putting the whole enterprise in jeopardy! Objects and events in nature can and do serve as physical metaphors which can inform behaviour and relations among humanity. As a prescient intellectual once put it: “In fact this world is a book in which you see inscribed the writings of God the Almighty”(Nasir Khusraw, 11th century Fatimid Ismaili cosmologist-philosopher-poet):

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