Fragile Beauty: Showcasing treasures in oceans


MainAs delegates from across the world converge in Nairobi for the ongoing blue economy conference which started on Monday, Prince Hussain Aga Khan is hosting a fine arts exhibition at the sidelines of the forum to promote environment conservation.

The exhibition depicts photos of marine and oceanic ecosystems from all over the globe.

The showcase titled Fragile Beauty is being held in partnership with the National Museums of Kenya. It seeks to display the treasure troves our oceans hold.

“The photographs we are exhibiting were all taken by Prince Hussain and through them, he seeks to underscore the importance of environmental conservation, making people aware of the beauty that exists under our seas and what we could forever lose if we do not protect and conserve our oceans,” said Dr Azim Lakhani, Aga Khan Development Network’s (AKDN) Diplomatic Representative.

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Focused On Nature: Click the link to learn more about this amazing initiative under taken by Prince Hussain Aga Khan.

Author: ismailimail

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  1. I am so proud to learn of Prince Hussein”s love for all endangered species since he was 12 and has done so much with others to let people know how important the creation of all these species are to us. Allah created every living thing for a reason, which 95% people are unaware of and continue to destroy them.


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