Jashne Karim-DIAMOND JUBILEE Geet by Shay Ramji feat. Shiv Singh

When Ismailis all around the world celebrated Hazar Imam’s Silver Jubilee, Shay was just a baby and her mother used to play all the geets that were specially released for the occasion. Many hits belonged to members of her family – including the evergreen ‘Karibu Karim’ by her aunt.

To commemorate Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee, Shay decided to revamp ‘Jashne Chand’ which was originally sung by her uncle, Zul Lalji. She chose this particular geet because of the strong musical bond she shared with him and also her first public appearance was with his band, Jambo.

Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee culminated on 11th July 2018 and we are all still nostalgic about the monumental year. Revive beautiful memories by listening to this tribute by Shay Ramji.


Shay Ramji was born in Nairobi, studied in Vancouver and married in South Africa. She comes from a family of singers and watching them perform and sing is what inspired her, from a young age, to become passionate about music. She started pursuing music seriously when she moved to South Africa (about six years ago) and since then has performed opening acts for noted celebrities like Sonu Nigam, Salim-Suleiman, Benny Dayal, the Zee Stars, Indian Idols (including Naushad Ali Kawa) as well as Sunidhi Chauhan and Sanam Puri. She travels around the world giving exuberant performances in England, Canada, Zimbabwe, Portugal to name but a few. What started out as a hobby turned out to be an adventure of a lifetime, a completely unexpected blessing especially since she has no formal vocal training, but sings from her heart and soul.


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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