Karim Budhwani is engineering a new approach to cancer care

Karim & Henna Budhwani: The A-List Couple - Making A Better World
Karim & Henna Budhwani: The A-List Couple – Making A Better World

For the past 20 years, Karim Budhwani has been honed in on innovation and how it can change business, science and the lives of people around him.

As cofounder and chief executive officer of elixir international, Budhwani and his team use software and technology to create a greener and more efficient world. But he decided to take that a step further this year when he founded CerFlux, which focuses on developing better disease models and improving the efficiency of cancer treatments.

That work in the cancer realm recently landed Budhwani as the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama’s 2018 Startup Executive of the Year.

“We’re always focused on being future-ready, rather than just addressing the challenges that they may be having today,” Budhwani said.

But it took time to create the potentially lifesaving company. Five years ago, Budhwani decided to get a doctorate in nanomedicine in order to better understand cancer treating techniques, and he graduated this past April.

“Now I have a pretty good handle of that space and how we can apply engineering solutions and management principles into tackling one of the biggest problems facing humankind,” he said.

More at the source: Birmingham Business Journal – Ingrid Schnader – Aug 23, 2018

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