Zaynah Bhanji: “6 Under 16” to speak at C2 Montréal 2018

Zaynah Bhanji: “6 Under 16” to speak at C2 Montréal 2018Zaynah Bhanji ( is a student that is passionate about artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Zaynah is a 14-year-old student from Toronto, Ontario. She is extremely passionate about artificial intelligence, and is focusing on natural language processing and computer vision. She is also interested in virtual and augmented reality, as well as brain machine interfaces. Zaynah loves creating things that leverage exponential technologies to tackle real-world issues. She has developed a couple of machine learning models and is beginning to develop AR & VR applications. Her mentors represent some of the leading companies in the AI space.

Source: “6 Under 16” to speak at C2 Montréal 2018 | C2 News

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  1. We wish you all the best in all your endeavours and I am sure alike me the entire jamat best wish’s are with you ,always stay blessed Aman.


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